My First Novel and a Giveaway

Remembrance Cover

If you’ve been my friend on Facebook, followed me or Twitter or added me to your Goodreads list of friends, you are aware that I love to read. What you may not have known about me is that I also like to write. I actually moved to Nashville sixteen years ago to work in the publishing industry (editing, though, not writing). I did write a little bit.

When I was in college I had a class where all we did was write and share our stories with other people. That story was put away for years. When a friend encouraged me to join NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writers Month) last November, I pulled the story back out. I still had a good concept of where I wanted the story to go and I had a good base with what I had already written. Although I had to re-write a lot of it. I’d like to believe I’ve become a better writer in the eighteen or nineteen years it’s been since I took that class.

Today it became real when the paperback version of my book became available on Amazon (the Kindle version is also available). It was an interesting experience self-publishing. I had written the book and given it to a few people to read through. A friend encouraged me to use an editor before publishing, so I submitted it to a copy editor (I have to throw this in here because there are still some errors in the book). It took the copy editor a month to get the changes made. This was a challenge for me because I do not like waiting for things. Once I made all of the edit changes, it was time to submit the document for approve from the self-publishing website. They approved it and I ordered the proof copy (more waiting). When that arrived, I went through it and found some formatting errors that had to be made and then waited some more. Finally, I was able to submit the book for publishing.

So, here we are. Remembrance, book One of the Remembrance Series has been published. Yes, I said book one. When I started writing in November, I didn’t stop. At this point, I’ve written four books for this series. The others are in various stages of writing and editing. I am aiming to release book two Fall/Winter 2014.

So, here’s a brief synopsis of book one for anyone interested. These books are Christian fiction romances.

Leah Waters enjoys her career as a high school teacher. For the most part she loves her students and spending her time with them but she misses having close relationships with family and friends. When she stumbles upon the Graham family and their church she starts to build the relationships she’s longed for and maybe more.

Mark Graham is hurting from wounds from his past when Leah shows up at his mother’s house. After a rocky start, he finds they have a lot in common and they become friends. Can he let go of his past enough for more?

If you read the book, please leave a review on Amazon. If you enjoy the book, please share with friends. Share this blog entry on Facebook or Twitter and leave a comment here telling me you did on or before March 31, and you will be entered to win one of two copies of Remembrance. Winners will be determined by random drawing.


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