Good Chapel Springs Series Bridge

december bride

Denise Hunter is one of my favorite Christian fiction authors. She does a great job of developing her characters and drawing the reader into the story. In A December Bride in the Year of Wedding Novellas series, she once again delivers. This is a good story to read while you wait for the second book in her Chapel Springs series to be released in March as some of the characters from the first book, Barefoot Summer, make an appearance.

Layla O’Reilly is still hurting from the betrayal of her fiancé and needing someone to blame, she has focused on Seth Murphy. While Seth didn’t intentionally throw Layla’s fiancé and her cousin together, things progressed and now Layla finds herself attending a wedding that should have been hers. While at the wedding, an opportunity arises for Layla to land a big client for her home staging business, which has yet to take off, arises but it is based on the lie that she and Seth are engaged. Seth has loved Layla since before his best friend, and current groom, started dating her. This is his opportunity to show Layla that he’s not the man she believes him to be.

While Layla struggles with letting go of being hurt in the past and her unfair blame of Seth in what happened with her fiancé, Seth struggles to show Layla that he is a good guy and that he wants more with her than a fake engagement. While Layla decorates his home for a Christmas decorating contest, she learns more about him and finds her feelings are changing toward him. Layla’s brother, Beckett, and his fiancée, Madison McKinley, make an appearance in the novella as well.

****Booksneeze and Zondervan Publishing provided me with a free eCopy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review. I was not compensated in any way for either a negative or a positive review.


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