Dee Henderson is Back!!!


When I read Dee Henderson’s O’Malley Series several years ago, I was immediately engaged with the family and the characters in the book. When I learned there was a new Dee Henderson book arriving this October and I had the opportunity to get a sneak peak and review it, I jumped at the chance. Unspoken can be read as a follow-up novel to Full Disclosure but I had not read that when I picked up Unspoken and did not ever feel like I was missing anything (although I did want to learn more about Ann and Paul).

Bryce Bishop sells coins. He is bored with his life until a mysterious woman, Charlotte Graham shows up at his shop with a cache of coins she would like him to buy. Charlotte Graham was the victim of one of the most famous kidnapping cases in Chicago history. She was abducted when she was 16 and found four years later. This woman fascinates Bryce even before he learns of her tragic past. Charlotte has some hard decisions to make about her future. Does Bryce have the patience to dig through the layers of hurt in Charlotte’s past. Will Charlotte ever be completely free from the past that haunts her?

Henderson’s story telling is as sharp and engaging as it was in the popular O’Malley Series. I was drawn into the story within the first chapter, wanting to find out the truth behind the mysteries. Where did Charlotte get the coins? How do all of the stories fit together? All of the characters are likeable and people I would love to add to my circle of friends.

This book gets five out of five stars

******Bethany House Publishers provided me with a free eCopy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review. I was not compensated in any way for either a positive or negative review.

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