Engaging Historical Fiction

It’s always a nice surprise when you pick up a book not expecting much and get pulled into the story pretty quickly. That is exactly what happened with me and Grace’s Pictures written by Cindy Thompson.

Grace McCaffery has just arrived in America from Ireland. In a new place, she doesn’t know who to trust and she is uncertain that she can be successful here. Circumstances in her past have caused her to have strong opinions about herself and about others. Owen McNulty has forsaken his wealthy background and become a police officer to help those less fortunate for him but he is unsure that this is God’s will in his life. When members of a local gang start to harass Grace because they think she has photographed their elusive leader, Owen promises to protect her. Can Grace put her trust in him?

Thompson does a good job of getting a lot of background in about the two main characters before she gets to the action in the story. Right away you like these characters and want them to do the right thing. It is also refreshing that the romance in this book does not take center stage. In fact, it is almost non-existent. If you are looking for something with good guys and bad guys and guys you aren’t sure about, this book is for you.

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  1. Hello! Thanks so much for reviewing Grace’s Pictures! Right now I’m building a street team to help launch Annie’s Stories next summer. If you’d like more info, please contact me: cindyswriting @ gmail.com But in any case, thanks again!

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