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Every Girl’s Dream

once upon a prince cover

When we were little girls, didn’t we all dream of becoming princesses one day? Then we grow up and reality sets in and we make other plans for our lives.

Susanne Truitt’s plans to marry her boyfriend of twelve years were shattered when he returns from his fourth tour of duty and proclaims, “I found the right ring but not the right girl.” Later that same day, she meets Nate Kenneth who seems to pop up whenever she need rescued.

Susanna and Nate enjoy each others company. Nate even pitches in at her family’s barbecue restaurant. What Susanna doesn’t know is that he is a prince (soon to become king) with some major hurdles to clear in his country.

In Once Upon a Prince, the first book in the Royal Wedding Series, author Rachel Hauck treats readers to a modern day fairy tale. A pretty typical chick lit book but if you are into English royalty or a strong male lead character who isn’t afraid to speak his mind or share his feelings, you are in for a treat.

*****Booksneeze (www.booksneeze.com) provided me with a free copy of this eBook in exchange for an honest and fair review. I was not compensated in any way for either a positive or negative review.

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