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I am not usually a big fan of non-fiction work but when I saw that Josh McDowell was writing his auto-biography, I knew this was one I needed to read. Growing up in the church, I was well aware that Josh McDowell’s other best-selling books, More than a Carpenter and Evidence that Demands a Verdict were some of the go-to suggestions for seekers.
In Undaunted (written with Cristobal Krusen), McDowell shares a lot about his life that those who have not heard him speak in person may have been unaware of. Three chapters into this book and I was appalled and horrified by the childhood this man of faith had. With a drunken father, a family that was not close and sexual abuse from a worker, McDowell felt nothing but bitterness toward God before he was a teenager.

You can see God’s leading in McDowell’s life throughout the book. From getting out of the Air Force early to the suggestion of a Christian classmate at a Community college that he prove that Christ did not raise from the grave on the third day, we see McDowell’s path to being saved.

Thoroughly engaging and a quick read,Undaunted is a book I highly recommend.



***Tyndale Publishers provided me with a copy of this book free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review

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