Don’t Start Here

I usually don’t have a hard time coming into a series late. But with Kristen Heitzmann’s book, Indelible, I was a little overwhelmed at first. It seemed like there were so many characters in this book it was difficult to keep them straight for a while. In addition, I was expecting more suspense that never really came.

Natalie Reeve has a very unique problem. Her eidetic memory causes here to see everything in the people she meets–their fears, their dreams, their hurts and their hopes. She is blinded by the images her mind sees until she is able to sculpt those images from clay. She hides these sculptures because people don’t want to see their true selves.

Trevor McDaniel rescues Natalie’s nephew from the jaws of a mountain lion and thus, becomes a hero in Natalie’s mind (and eye). As an unknown enemy starts sending Trevor disturbing pictures, Trevor’s need to protect everyone around him kicks in. Will Trevor and Natalie make it work?


While the story moved along at a pretty good pace, I was a little thrown off from the short chapters from the antagonist’s point of view. It was difficult sometimes to switch from the main story to these veiled insights into the enemy’s mind. Over all, the book was OK, not anything that I was itching to pick back up immediately but enough that I wanted to know how it ended. I would give the book two stars.


***A copy of this e-book was provided to me free of charge by Waterbrook/Multnomah Publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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