Seven Broken People, One Old Van

Tim Owens

I personally have never been on a search committee and if one has ever visited a church I was attending, they did a good job of blending in. Tim Owens’ first novel, The Search Committee, gives a very unique insight into the role of the search committee from the committee’s point of view. Weaving humor and heart-felt moments into the story, Owens’ does a wonderful job of developing characters you want to see have a happy ending.

Seven people are on the hunt for a new pastor for their church. As they travel through a few southern states, sneaking into different churches (even different denominations) to hear each of the pastors speak, each person forms their own opinions of who should be their next pastor. Each person is also struggling with something in their personal lives and trying to sort that out as well.

This book is not about the actual search for a pastor, it is more about the people looking for the perfect replacement. It is about people dealing with the trials, sin and struggles in their lives and strengthening relationships. Sure the book takes a few chapters to get in to but once you’re in, you want to see what happens to each member of the search committee.

***This book was provided to me free of charge by Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review

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