Happy New You!!!

Happy New Year You everyone!!! It is day one of 2012 and day one of my blog to becoming more healthy and losing 100 pounds!!

I have always been someone who researches things to death. If I am going to do something new, I will search it on the internet and buy a book or two to learn about it. I really researched triathlons months before I competed in my first one. I still have a few lessons to learn even after all of the research but at least I wasn’t going in blind.

I subscribe to a lot of health/weight loss magazines: Self, Fitness, Health, Women’s Health and Weight Watchers Magazine are all in my rotation. I love the issues that come at at the first of the year because there are so many tips and ideas to help you stick with your goals and resolutions.

My favorite tip was from Weight Watchers Magazine. Once member of WW said that she writes all of her workouts on the calendar with different colored pencils (blue for cardio, red for strength training, etc). Then when she sees several days with no color, she knows it’s time to refocus.

So I picked up some colored pencils and found a planning calendar with both monthly and weekly pages. My plan is to track exercise on the monthly calendars and to track food on the weekly ones. This way every thing is in one place and will be with me at all times.

I am a co-captain on a team for a Biggest Loser 12 week challenge on sparkpeople.com and really want to lead by example this round!!

Stay tuned for an update on how my first week has gone (my plan is to blog one day every weekend to keep everyone updated on my progress).


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