Going to do it in 2012!!

Lately I’ve just been posting book reviews on this blog. Initially when I started the blog I wanted to actually have a theme but then the opportunity to review books for a few different publishing companies came along and I signed up. I mean, I’m not going to turn down free books when all I have to do is write a short review about them and post it to my blog!! Sure, there are some duds in there but then again, once in a while, I get a book that I am excited about!


ANYWAY, this blog is NOT about books. I have decided that in 2012 I want to blog at least one day a week about my journey to lose 100 pounds!! I want to include great finds such as books, DVDs, tech gadgets, etc and helpful websites that I encounter along the way.

Each week I will share my workouts, what I’m struggling with and what I did right. I also want to take pictures and post them for every 10 pounds lost. I got this idea from a very inspiring video on http://www.sparkpeople.com (great FREE weight loss website). Do you need some motivation? Check out this video: http://www.runsforcookies.com/p/progress-photos.html!!

Watch for my first “official” post coming this weekend!


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