Sunrise on the Battery by Beth Webb Hart

As much grief as it gets, I usually enjoy Christian fiction but Sunrise on the Battery written by Beth Webb Hart was a little disappointing for me. The concept of the story could have been done a little better. The book was inspired by the book Radical by David Platt.

The Scovilles have made it in the Charleston social scene. After years of keeping themselves and their children on the path to social success, Jackson and Mary Lynn Scoville are on the cusp of making it into the Charleston in-crowd but Mary Lynn feels like there is something missing.

There are three different points of view throughout the book. You hear from Mary Lynn, Jackson and their eldest daughter, Catherine. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of structure with whose thoughts you are following at any given time. Two or three chapters will focus on Mary Lynn, then one chapter will be from Catherine’s point of view and then we’ll move to a couple more with Mary Lynn and then one with Jackson.

I am not sure if I was not engaged in this story because I have no desire to make it to the upper levels of society or if it was just because it took so long to get to the point of this story. I was over halfway through before my interest was piqued a little bit.


***Thomas Nelson publishing provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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