A Woman’s Guide to Healing after Rejection

As a woman who is almost forty and has not been married or in a serious relationship with a man before, Left at the Altar did not seem like a book I could get anything out of. And so, it sat on my bookshelf for months.
Determined to get back to writing reviews and clearing off my bookshelf, I finally opened the cover of Kimberley Kennedy’s book and could not put it down. Kennedy shares her story of heartbreak and the ultimate rejection from the man she was planning to marry leaving her the day of their wedding rehearsal, the day before their wedding.
Baring her soul, weaknesses and all, Kennedy shares her downward spiral after she was left at the altar along with many other women’s stories of hurt and rejection, some choosing to stay in their relationships and some leaving them. One thing I really appreciated about the author’s insights was that she included stories from and about women who are single and have chosen to remain that way. She showed that being happy and whole isn’t about a relationship with a man for everyone.
The main emphasis of Left at the Altar is that no matter how we are rejected by the people in our lives, God always loves us and is always there. Using the story of Leah, a woman who was rejected by her husband but eventually learned how much she was loved by God, Kennedy shows that rejection is not something that is new. She shares the path she took to recover from her own rejection, warning readers that everyone’s paths will be different by they can know they are never alone.


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