The Pirate Queen

From the outside, Sephora Warren has the perfect life. She lives an affluent life on the lake and successfully raised three children. But Sephora is not happy with her life and has made a decision to leave.

Her husband, a successful plastic surgeon, has not been faithful and she has not felt loved in a very long time. The day she has planned to leave him and retreat to their summer home, he arrives with the news that he is dying.

Bender Warren wants to work through his disease in their summer home in Oriental (the very place Sephora was going to escape to). Her decision to stay with her husband and family sets forth a chain of events that re-shape her life.

The Pirate Queen, written by Patricia Hickman, is a story of a woman finding meaning in her life through learning how others see her. She does not feel like a strong woman, yet her family and the new people who come into her life magnify what a caring, strong woman she truly is.

Throughout the first half of the book, there are a few times when Sephora questions whether God is there or whether He cares for her. It is through the people who have surrounded her in the small coastal town that the reader she’s the love and caring this woman has for all of those around her.

Through the small joys as well as the deep sorrows that come into the Warren’s lives during the summer, Sephora remains the glue that holds her family and friends together. You cannot help but root for Sephora Warren and a happy ending.

**A copy of this book was provided to me free of cost from Waterbrook Press for an honest review.

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