Teenage Girls’ Tough Questions and Issues Addressed

I admit it, I hated being a teenage girl. It is not usually a time of my life I enjoy looking back on. I was a shy, overweight, unpopular Jr and Sr High student and I couldn’t wait to get out of the small town I lived in and away from all of my classmates who made my life pretty miserable. And, I’m going to use all of tha as my excuse for why it has taken me so long to pick up this book to review for Thomas Nelson’s Book Sneeze program.

A Girl’s Guide to Life: The Truth on Growing Up, Being True, and Making Your Teen Years Fabulous written by Katie Meier is filled with helpful information for teenage girls. From topics such as body changes, friendships and how to be safe online to even more difficult topics such as disorders (including eating disorders, depression and addictions) and sex & sexuality, Meier seems to address many of the topics that are relevant to today’s teenage girls. My only complaint about the books is about the sections on fashion and wearing clothes as an expression of your personality. As someone from a family with little to no money for such expenses growing up, fashion and clothing were never something that I and many other girls were allowed to explore.

With chapters on mind, body and soul, there is something here for everyone. The chapters are a little information heavy (some of them could have been two or three chapters instead of one) but they are divided into sections so the can be digested in smaller chunks if needed (which would be especially helpful for a group study situation).


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