Yesterday I was asked some questions that have nothing to do with my job so I got on my soap box about why I am asked every question by every person. Sometimes it stinks to be the smart one ;). Of course, one of the girls I work with phrased it differently. She said it was because I am a know it all. After that comment I told her that I wouldn’t be answering any more of her questions.

So, here is why I get so aggrevated sometimes by the questions I am asked. First of all, my company has a HUGE IT department. There are probably 30 or 40 people who work on the computer systems alone. We even have a help desk with four people on it who answer problems. Yet, when something goes wrong with someone’s computer, I am usually the first person they want to look at it. I have been asked easy questions like how to put an out of office message on email to why won’t I print to how can I reformat this document.

Second, I am not the manager of my department. There is someone who is paid way more money than me (and doesn’t have my work load) to answer questions that may come up. Yet, it seems like daily someone from both my department and other departments will come to me with questions.

Yes, I know, it’s probably a good thing for me that I can answer most of these questions but it really gets frustrating when I have a huge workload and am continually being interrupted with questions (especially the ones that don’t relate to my job). I am actually tempted to keep a list of the questions I get asked for a couple of days just to see what percentage really does relate to my job 

On the other hand, I did just tell another co-worker earlier today that if I ran the world, things would go a lot more smoothly 🙂

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One response to “FAQs

  1. Angie Simmons

    If Suzie ran the world, we’d be a lot more informed!!!! 🙂

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