Alone Time

For me, alone time is necessary. I have friends that I like to hang out and I have meetings a couple nights a week but I really value my “me” time by myself. I am not one of those people who always has to be surrounded by others. I don’t talk to my mom and dad every day on the phone (in fact, if we talk once a month, that’s pretty good). If I don’t get time by myself, I tend to get a little cranky and if a person becomes to clinging or is inserting themselves too much in my life, I tend to start getting frustrated with them.

I’m more than comfortable being alone and after eight or more hours a day, five days a week sitting in cubicles where I hear every conversation (often more than once), I need the quiet. I don’t have to have someone I know with me if I’m going to try out something new (a church, an exercise class or whatever it may be). Let me clarify here, I like going out with friends to these things sometimes but there are times when it’s nice not to know anyone else in the room (some of you are probably cringing at that statement!!).

So, here is my dilemma. I have a some people in my life right now that are a little too needy. I tend to be a person who wants to please everyone (this is one of my “idols” in my life, the idol of acceptance) and so I do not confront people. I am trying to learn that sometimes saying “no” is the best decision for me. It is ok to cancel plans or to just not make plans when I am needing that Me time.



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2 responses to “Alone Time

  1. I think it is important to remember the importance of the word “no.” I have gotten to the point where I have said ‘yes’ too many times and I have worn myself out – and I’m a social person! me time is very important and you have to get it any time you can and every person varies with how much me time they need. Take your time, your true friends will understand!

  2. I’m late to this post party, but I hear you here. (Hope I’m not one of your needy people, ha!) If you have any extra “alone/me time,” send it my way. 🙂

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