Let’s Start Over

So, it’s the first of June and the first of summer. It seems like a great opportunity to step back and look at all of the things I’ve tended to slack on since those New Year’s resolutions were made five months ago (mainly my diet and exercise).

After thinking about it a couple of weeks and mentally preparing, I am getting back on the serious weight loss track. As mentioned before, I have signed up for a half marathon in September. I have printed my training schedule and am hanging it up TONIGHT. In addition to that, I am also trying to adjust my sleep schedule a little bit so I have an easier time getting up in the morning.

I am back on the weight watchers program and am looking at signing up at a gym by my office. I have a few justifications for paying for a gym membership. First, I can go workout during my lunch hour or before or after work very easily. Second, it can take some great group classes. And finally (and probably most importantly), if I am paying for a gym membership, I would actually use it. I hate paying for something I’m not using so I will make sure I am using it. The gym I am looking at is less than half a mile from my office and has an indoor and outdoor pool and some great classes.

So, watch out world, I’m starting over. I’m going to make it real for everyone out there who reads my blog. My goal is to have lost fifty pounds by Christmas. My parents are coming to visit at Christmas and I think 50 pounds in seven months is very do-able.

I will try and keep every updated on how my journey is going. I know I can do this, I have done it before!!


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2 responses to “Let’s Start Over

  1. Good luck! Jeff and I keep starting and having a couple off days and then starting again. I keep telling myself that i lost 70 pounds last time over like 6 months, why can’t I commit to this next 6 months knowing I’ll get these great results and be to the weight I want?!? Maybe we can help encourage each other and stay on track!

  2. I’m with totally with you Jordan. Let’s try and keep each other accountable.

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