Matt Damon

Ok, I admit it!! I’ve had a celebrity crush on one Matt Damon for about fourteen years now. He has always just seemed so down to earth and typical boy-next-door to me. I will watch him in anything (even the stinkers he is in–anyone seen “Stuck on You”?).

So, imagine my unbridled joy when I heard that Matt is going to be guest starring on the season finale of one of my favorite shows: 30 Rock. Does anyone remember when he guest starred on Will & Grace? It is a lot of fun to watch him in those comedic roles after he has been this action hero in all of the Bourne movies.

So, now I’m counting down the days until Thursday when I can watch Matt Damon and 30 Rock in one sitting!! Oh, and did I mention Invictus is out on DVD this week? Guess whose in that one :).


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