Zoology to English

When I was young (I would say about third or fourth grade), I decided that when I grew up, I was going to be a veterinarian. I told everyone this throughout my childhood and teenage years and I entered college with a pre-vet major. And I completed two years of school with studies in the Veteranarian Medicine field.

During my second year of college, I had two roommates who were in the process of applying to vet schools and I saw that it was brutal. On top of that, while I managed to pass my science classes, I was really struggling with just passing the classes. So, it was at that point, I decided to change my major.

Because I didn’t want to waste all of the science classes I had already taken, I moved into the zoology field for a semester and then into education. I finally settled on a degree I enjoyed when I found that I was passionate about my English classes. So, with dreams of becoming an editor at a book publishing company, I graduated with an English degree.

So, seven years of college and four majors later, and what am I doing? I am working at a desk job for a mortgage company. I did work for a magazine publisher when I first moved to Nashville but that company went out of business and I had to find a job to be able to support myself.

And, nine years later, I’m still at that job. Part of the reason I started blogging is so that I would be writing once in a while again and then when I came across the opportunity to blog book reviews, I jumped on it.

It’s crazy where life takes us. When I was in middle school and high school, I never would have dreamed that I would be working in the business class and living in Nashville, TN.


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3 responses to “Zoology to English

  1. That is so funny how life laughs at our plans. Hope you’re happy and doing well. Love your posts…good choice to keep writing.

  2. Most enjoyable to read, pleased you’re happy and settled. Congratulations on finishing the challenge.

    Enjoy your week-end.

  3. I so agree, it is funny, where we end up!
    Keep writing, get your voice out there!
    Congrats on finishing the challenge…

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