Ok, so “x” is the letter I was pretty sure I was going to have trouble with when we finally got here. And here we are. I have consulted the dictionary a few times trying to decide what I was going to post and just could never find a word an “x” word that I was really excited about. So, I decided I was going to cheat a little bit and use a word that just begins with the “x” sound, even though the word actually starts with the letter “E.”

Now that I’ve explained myself, let me get to the actual subject :). There are so many things in life that I would love to excel in but have just never gotten to that next level. What is the motivation behind those people who truly excel in something (whether it be sports, writing, their work or something else).

One area in my life I would truly like to excel is my daily walk with God. There are days I do ok with this but there are days when I really struggle. When my day isn’t going the way I wanted it to or when someone is rude to me at the phone at work. I let it affect my attitude and it can change my whole day.

Every Monday, I am involved in a Bible study with a couple of friends and right now we are studying the book of James. This week we went through chapter three. This is the portion of Scripture that talks about how our tongue steers the entire body (this passage compares the tongue to a bit in a horses mouth and a rudder on a ship). Such small things control very massive objects. I do not excel in controlling my tongue but I sure wish I did!

I would also like to excel in the sports I enjoy. I would love to be competitive in a triathlon or to finish a half marathon in a great finish time. I have never really thought of myself as “athletic” so that may be a mental block I have with working hard to excel in these particular areas.

In fact, I think the reason we don’t excel at certain things in life is because our brains tell us we can’t do it. And I would think that as many times as I’ve been told I am a very determined person (very often, when I set my mind to do something, I am able to accomplish it), I could increase my level of excellence in many areas.


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2 responses to “X-Cel

  1. I led a Bible study on James last year and came to the conclusion that one could just keep studying James over and over and on and on and it would never run out of new things to say to us.

    You are right about excelling. In order to excel, one must believe in oneself fully and have total confidence in success which does not come by luck.

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  2. If you don’t believe in yourself no-one else will.
    There are ceratin goals I’d like to achieve, gradually I know I will get them done . I take each day as it comes along some days are (or seems) longer than others, but I’ll get there.

    Good luck to you with your dreams.


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