Quadrilles and Quidditch

I am a reader. I enjoy reading (I’m sure you couldn’t tell from my book reviews). My absolute favorite books to read are those written by Jane Austen. I love the manners, the dancing, the struggles and the end result. “Pride and Prejudice” is the one book I read at least once a year and “Persuasion” is my second favorite writing of Austen’s. I love that it takes almost eight years before the hero and heroine of this book get their happy ending because not everything in life goes as we plan.

Now, I am definitely a bigger fan of fiction than I am on non-fiction. I love the escape from the real world and the ability to live in someone else’s life for a little while. Some of my favorite authors are Jude Devearaux, Nora Roberts, James Patterson, John Grisham, Ted Dekker and Robert Ludlum. And I am always looking for other authors I enjoy reading. I have a tendency to find an author I like and then read through all of their books.

Quidditch was mentioned in my “Q” title but I have not yet read the “Harry Potter” series. I plan to get to it at some point but right now, with the popularity and the movies, I feel like I know too much about it. I would like to be surprised when I read it.

Who are your favorite authors? Any recommendations?


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2 responses to “Quadrilles and Quidditch

  1. You definitely need to read Harry Potter… SO much better than the movies! I got burned out on Grisham after reading everything for years… and recently discovered Ted Dekker too.

    I listed many of my all-time favorite books under the letter “B” on my blog. Besides that, I like Kristin Hannah, Debbie Macomber, and Jennifer Weiner for just fun reading! Okay, sometimes not so fun because even “chick lit” can get serious.

  2. JD Robb and Kathy Reichs are 2 of my other favs – I’m a big James Patterson fan too:)

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