It’s official. We are into the NHL playoffs. There is something so great about playoff season in any sport but I think this is especially true in hockey.

Hockey teams play 82 regular season games (41 at home and 41 on the road). They have spent five months of the regular season trying to get one of the elusive playoff spots (top eight teams in each conference get a playoff spot). Once the team has secured their playoff spot, then it’s a waiting game to see who they will end up playing in the first round.

Once the playoffs start, it’s a best of seven series. So, my 7th seed Nashville Predators are playing the 2nd seed Chicago Blackhawks. They played the first game of the series on Friday night and what a game it was. The Predators pulled away with that win (in Chicago).

I knew that the Chicago Blackhawks were going to come in and play hard because they were going to be mad about losing that first game and home and they would not want to come to Nashville and play with no wins under their belts. And play hard they did, after a period and a half of no score, the Blackhawks finally put one in net and pulled ahead. Final Score in last night’s game was Nashville 0 Chicago 2.

Now, Nashville will welcome its team back with excitement for the next two playoff games (Tuesday and Thursday) and we root them to their first ever first round victory. We are ready for the team to make it to the second round!!


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