Laughter is the Best Medicine

I have a coworker who is always asking me if I have any good jokes. I’ve found a couple of good ones but very often I don’t have anything to pass on to her.

Now, I feel like I have a pretty good sense of humor. My dad is crazy and I think all three of us kids have inherited that a little bit. I mean, even my nieces and nephew tend to carry things too far (this is what my dad is famous for). EVERYTIME I talk to my parents on the phone and he is the first to talk to me, he pulls one of two pranks. He either asks if I would like to talk to my mom and when I say yes, he gets on the phone and pretends to be her or he acts like he’s handing the phone to her and she doesn’t want to talk to me. He says something like, “What do you mean you don’t want to talk to her.”

When I was visiting my family in February, I was at my sister’s place and my sister, Kaitlyn (her oldest daughter) and I were playing a card game called Nerts (my family loves to play this game when we get together—hmmm, idea for my N post).  My sister’s youngest daughter, Alison, was keeping us entertained the whole time by acting like she was a television station. She did pretty well too. I think she gave us the nightly news, commercials, “Dancing with the Star” and some Disney shows. It was pretty entertaining.

The one place I would not be able to bear without an abundant amount of laughter is my work. I work fairly closely with seven other girls and we love to laugh. We give each other a hard time sometimes but it’s all in the name of humor. There are a couple of guys that work with us too who can usually add to the craziness pretty well. I don’t think there would be a sane person in my workplace if we didn’t have to laughter to even everything out.

I think e.e. cummings said it well, “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”


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3 responses to “Laughter is the Best Medicine

  1. Laughter is indeed good for one’s health. I have a good sense of humor, but I just can’t remember jokes. But I do love to hear a good joke. My father had aspirations of being a stand-up comic and did actually perform at a few comedy clubs. He was much of the time pretty funny and had a hearty contagious laugh.
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  2. Angie

    This probably one of the wittier crowds I’ve worked around. It does help! After all, I think we’d all be pulling our hair out if we didn’t laugh most days. 🙂

  3. I love laughing. I can laugh for just about anything. I’m not that funny though. At least, not in my opinion. I’m a teenager, though. So many the loving-to-laugh thing doesn’t count for much…. oh well. 😉

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