If you have noticed the blog address I chose, some of you have probably guessed that the name comes from the Nashville Hockey Team—the Nashville Predators. So, today’s letter, “H,” gave me the perfect opportunity to blog about one of my favorite things.

I have not always been a hockey fan. In fact, I had never really watched the game until I was in college. I would be up late at night doing homework and would have the Olympics on in the background. I would get sucked into watching the hockey games. It was the year the USA women won the gold medal during the games so as the Olympics went on, I was more and more absorbed.

My brother-in-law, who likes to take credit for me liking hockey, told me I had to go to a live game to get the real experience. So, one weekend when we were heading to Spokane to pick up my dad from the airport, we went to a Spokane Chiefs game. And, you know what? They live game is way better than watching it on television.

Now, I have a very special bond with the Nashville Predators. I moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1998. The Predators were the first of four expansion teams to enter the NHL and they began playing in 1998. I have been a fan of the local team since their first pre-season home game and know that I will always root for the Preds first, no matter where I may end up living in the future.

As we near the playoff season, the Predators are in the playoffs for the sixth time in seven years. This year I am hoping for another first for the Nashville Predators—to make it past the first round. Let’s Go PREDATORS!!!


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One response to “H-O-C-K-E-Y!!!!!

  1. I did wonder about the name of the blog.
    When you mentioned Nashville I could hardly
    believe it as I am coming to Nashville in June from the UK.
    Having said that I thought your write up about hockey extremely good. I was no good at hockey when I was at school, but I do like watching sport on TV.
    Have a good week-end.

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