Entertainment addiction

If anyone were to look at my Netflix queue, I think they would see I have a problem. You see, I have almost 500 movies in my Netflix queue. I will watch ***almost*** any movie once (the exception being slasher movies). If I come across a “Top (fill in the number here)” list and I haven’t seen some of those movies, they are added to my queue. I have been a Netflix member for a couple of years now and I think the number of movies in my queue has actually increased.

And it’s not just movies. I like television, music, the wii and books as well. Even though I love the show, I’m glad “24” is in it’s last season because it frees up another night for me. Although, I know myself well enough to know that I will really just find another show to fill its place. I have quit watching a couple of my staples this year so I am paring it down a little bit. Thank goodness for Hulu. I would miss a lot of shows without the use of that website.

I do like to expand my mind through reading as well. A good book is a treasure. And now that the television season is starting to wind down, I should have more time for reading (and maybe making a dent in that Netflix queue).


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2 responses to “Entertainment addiction

  1. You sound dedicated. I should just hop on your site if I have a question about whether or not to watch a movie. By the way…any recommendations?

    • I found a little gem by M. Night Shyamalan (Signs, The Sixth Sense) called “Wide Awake.” It was one of the first movies he did and I loved it. Another movie I found that I really enjoyed was “Once.” It just a quiet little movie with lots of great music. I tend to really like the movies where I don’t see the ending coming–too many movies are way too formulaic.

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