Desiring Discipleship

For the past month or so, I have really been feeling the desire to find a spiritual mentor in my life. I realized that I really haven’t found that person since moving to Nashville almost twelve years ago.

The challenge that I am finding with this is: Where do I begin? How do you find that person to be your spiritual mentor? I don’t feel like I can just walk up to someone on Sunday morning and say, “Will you disciple me?” Another issue I am running into is that my church is fairly young and I am actually older than many of those people. Not that a spiritual mentor necessarily has to be older than me but I have the misconception in my head that I will need to overcome.

What’s funny to me is that ever since I have begun praying about this, I have been running into it almost on a weekly basis. One of the bloggers I read daily took a break from her normal posts of meal planning and grocery deals to talk about three of her mentors and a couple of people in my small group from have been taking about maybe starting up a discipleship group.

So, while I don’t yet really have any answers, I would be interested in hearing from anyone out there who has been or currently is in a discipleship group, has mentored or has been mentored. I would appreciate any insights that people are willing to share.

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