Book Review: Lonestar Homecoming by Colleen Coble

Set in modern day Texas, “Lonestar Homecoming” draws you into the story immediately and keeps you turning pages until the mystery is solved at the end of the book. While the book is the third in a series, it definitely stands on its own (I had not read the other two books and was not at all lost).

The main character, Gracie Lister, is fleeing on her wedding day from her fiancée. When she reaches a small Texas town, out of money and with no certainty of her or her daughter’s future, Gracie runs into Michael Wayne. Wayne, coincidentally, needs a nanny for his children and agrees to hire her.

The romance happens quickly and is really a small part of this story. The most attractive thing about the story is the mystery and all of the secrets in Gracie’s life.

The book also delves a little into the story of the prodigal son. If you enjoy Christian fiction romances, Christian fiction mysteries or just a light, quick read, I would recommend putting this book on your reading list.

As a member of, I have received a copy of this book free of charge. I have received no payment for a positive or negative review of this book.


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