Be kind to bikers (cyclists)

About a month ago, ESPN radio commentator Tony Kornhiser was talking about the integration of bike lanes in Washington DC but the conversation soon took a turn for the worst when he said, “And they all, my God, with their water bottles in the back, and their stupid hats, and their shiny shorts, they’re the same kind of disgusting posers that in a snowstorm come out with cross-country skis on your block. Run them down.”

He later modified that comment to, “So you tap them. I’m not saying kill them.”

So, I’m thinking about this and the attitude so many drivers have about cyclists as I am about to take my bike out for the first time this season. I am excited about getting out there. Biking is one of my favorite activities and when you haven’t  been able to get out there for several months, that first time is a great thrill.

Please don’t take the attitude of Tony Kornhiser. Share the road. Know that most cyclists obey the rules of the road. Be aware of us and leave us a little room. When you see us driving up alongside a row of parked cars, keep in mind, we don’t only have to look out for the cars driving by, we also have to keep our eyes open for anyone getting in or out of cars.

If you are a cyclist, the most important thing to remember is WEAR A HELMET!!! But also, follow the traffic laws, try and stick to places that either have bike lanes or that have plenty of bike traffic so drivers are looking out for you.

I say good for Washington DC for adding bike lanes. They not only keep the community less populated, they keep the people in better health. Nashville is a pretty friendly cycle town. There have only been a couple of places I have biked over the past couple of years and I have learned that if you don’t feel comfortable, you just don’t go back there.

Be safe everyone.

C – ya tomorrow!!!


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2 responses to “Be kind to bikers (cyclists)

  1. More people are using bikes nowadays because of fumes and the price of petrol. we have cycle lanes for them to use

    I enjoyed reading your most detailed post with interest.and look forward to letter”C” tomorrow.

    Take care.

  2. YES thank you for sticking up for us bikers. I just went out for a critical mass today but there were only five bikers, and gosh, was I ever grateful for those other bikers because we look out for each other. We have to. Not everyone is nice on the road.

    And YES YES triple YES to the helmet. I’ve heard so many lame excuses for not wearing a helmet but I’m going to stick to mine like glue. Don’t leave home without it! 🙂

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