Book Review: Christian Encounters Series: Jane Austen written by Peter Leithart

Christian Encounters: Jane Austen by Peter Leithart

As a fan of all things Jane Austen, I was excited to receive this book in the mail. I have read everyone of Austen’s books at least once (most of them I have read three or four times and I read “Pride & Prejudice” at least once a year). Therefore, I was eager to learn a little more about the author.

While it was interesting reading about the life of Jane Austen (referred to as Jenny through most of the book), there was so much information in this book that I had some difficultly absorbing it all. There were so many letters and references to relatives and friends it was tough to keep everything and everybody straight.

I did enjoy reading about a few of the people in Austen’s life who influenced her characters in her books. Also, the references to her immediate family and her relationship with Tom Lefroy (character in the movie “Becoming Jane”) gave some insight into the author’s life.

Over all, I would recommend this book for anyone doing research into Austen’s life but for a quick overview of her life, there are better options on the market.

As a member of Thomas Nelson’s reader review panel at booksneeze, I received my copy of this book free of charge from the publisher.

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