Me, Me, Me

I have been thinking a lot lately about how our selfish society becomes even more selfish with the use of blogs, facebook, twitter and myspace. I know it’s funny that I mention this on my own blog :).

For those of you who are on facebook all hours of the day, I do not need to know when and where you are going to eat dinner or how many hours of sleep you got last night and I really don’t need 20 posts from you a day. Facebook is nice because you are able to get messages out to a lot of people at once but those who tell me what farm or zoo animals they need all day long are on my last nerve.

In a society that teaches people to take care of number one, the information super highway just adds to that teaching. I mean, most of my posts on FB are about what is going on with me in my life but what if we started sharing about one person that is less fortunate than us? What is we asked people to pray for those who are hurting or lost? Wouldn’t that be a better use of this thing we call social networking?



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2 responses to “Me, Me, Me

  1. I totally agree! You would enjoy the book I just recently reviewed via Booksneeze titled, “The Vertical Self.” You can borrow it if you’d like!

  2. Suzie

    I’d love to borrow it (like I don’t already have enough books to read) 🙂

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