Living Life in The Zone book review

Living Life in the Zone

A 40-Day Spiritual Game Plan for Men

Kyle Rote Jr

Dr. Joe Pettigrew

 Living Life in the Zone is a 40 day devotional for men. Focusing on many different areas in a man’s life, the book covers all bases including marriage, fatherhood, working relationships and Spiritual relationships.

The book is structured specifically for sports fans with each chapter consisting of a coach’s corner which is a brief overview of the chapter, a game plan which list specific scripture verses relating to the issue being discussed, a playmakers section which highlights sports personalities who are living that example, a time out which consists of discussion or reflection questions and today’s assignment which is a challenge to the reader.

The highlight of the book was definitely the glimpse into many sports figures personal lives. Some of the people highlighted in the book were Larry Bird, Coach Bobby Bowden, Coach Bear Bryant, Coach Tony Dungy, Roger Staubach, Magic Johnson, Kurt Warner and Michael Jordan.

There are additional discussion questions at the end of the book which would be helpful aids for a group study. With the easy to read format, the homework would be minimal for those involved in a group study but the questions will allow men to delve more deeply into each of the topics presented.


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